A leading manufacturer of pumps and pumping systems in the world. Has a strong value base and is a leading player in setting sustainable standards.
One of the most fascinating car makes in history. Particularly in the 50ties and 60ties the factory made some astonishing car models.
A highly professional educational institution in Henley on Thames outside London. Has s long tradition for management courses and master programs.
The fascinating old british car make , father of the Mini the first compact car the world was introduced for in 1959. Morris has now disappeared from the market but many old cars of this make lives on at car enthusiasts.
The most beautifully designed audio and video equipment you can think of. For those that discuss quality before price.
A major institution for higher education. It was here at the Institute of Political Science that I took my first master's title in 1983.
An independent think tank foundend by former OECD general secretary Thorkild Kristensen. Is today among the leading organizations dealing with future scenarios and trends.
Is a leading institution in the work for preserving clean water resources in the world. Every year on the international Water Day the Water Institute announces the winner of the Stockholm International Water Prize, also called the Nobel prize of Water.