Klastrup is a family name for 40 persons (2011).

As it has been the tradition with many Danish names Klastrup was adapted from the locality it loved in. Here it was a small locality in northern Jutland. Klastrup was first a middle name but became a family name in 1906.

My grandparents was veterinary doctor and author Kristen Klastrup (died 1936) and his wife Ellen Klastrup. They founded a family with six children whereof my father Mogens Klastrup was number three.

My own parents Mogens Klastrup (died 2004) and his wife Emmy Klastrup (born Sørensen) has four children, Kiss, Kjeld, Kim and Kristen. The family has lived in Nørlund, Møgeltønder, Sæby and Ølgod since my parents married I 1944.

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